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KROM is a non-mintable ERC20 token with a fixed supply of 100 million tokens. The tokenomic model of KROM is deflationary by design. KROM is the utility token of the Kromatika Finance Dapp.Kromatika Finance is a decentralized trading protocol enabling crypto traders to execute limit orders by utilizing the powerful concentrated liquidity feature of Uniswap v3. This feature makes it a useful Dapp by itself, but the real innovation is the ability to trade without swap fees, no price slippage, and with no risk of front-running bot attacks.KROM is the token that pays the service fee to unlock the limit order feature of Kromatika Finance Dapp. This means that by using KROM tokens, you not only get access to highly profitable limit orders on the DEX, but you will also earn extra fees on every trade thanks to the innovative approach to providing liquidity.Kromatika Finance Dapp also benefits from an advanced MetaSwap Aggregator. This platform aggregates the liquidity from many DEXs and compares swap data across Uniswap, 0xProject, and 1inch. This allows users to get better trades than they would get on a single DEX by optimizing token pricing, swap fees, and slippage.KROM tokens have more utilities planned including an option for gasless swaps, staking, and many more. Such utilities will be developed and added in the near future.

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