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What is the KAP Games?KAP Games is a web3 gaming publisher, studio, and distributor specializing in browser and mobile-native experiences. Utilizing emerging technologies to unlock the next generation of gaming, KAP curates gaming ecosystems where diverse games, innovative projects, and vibrant communities collide.Play 100+ web3 games for free & earn NFTs while you do it at www.kap.ggKAP Games Highlights:* 100+ listed games on www.kap.gg* KAP Studios' massively multiplayer pirate adventure game launching Q4 2023, www.capnco.gg* KAP Co-grants is a multi-chain industry-wide initiative working with all major gaming chains to accelerate web3 development for web2 studios* Support and investment from Solana, Polygon, NEAR, Algorand, YGG and other key web3 gaming leadersKAP Token Utility:* Currency for all of KAP Studios' first-party games* Most in-app purchases can be bought using $KAP at a 10% discount* Smart contract governance of key treasury and staking contracts* Liquidity staking at www.staking.kap.gg​​​​​​​

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